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The Ultimate Job: Work and Live On Board a Luxury Cruise Ship

Talk to anyone who has been employed on a cruise ship and they will most likely tell you one thing: it is the best “job” you could ever find. Whether you are looking for summer, part time, or year round employment, the cruise lines are hiring now.

Cruise Ship Jobs: – Is there an exotic location that you have always dreamed of going to? Well, if you are working on a cruise ship, you just may get to go there and get paid for doing it! After all, where else is there an employment situation that pays you to travel the world on a cruise line that most people have to pay $500 to $10,000 U.S. (or much more) to take part in?

Perhaps you would like to go to Mexico, the Caribbean, Alaska, Bermuda, Hawaii, Europe, or some other world destination. Working on a cruise ship will allow you to see such places, meet new people, experience different cultures and climates, and make a good income. What’s more, your food and accommodations on board a cruise line are free as well!

How Much Money Can You Make? Your income level in the cruise industry is dependent upon the cruise line who hires you and what your job description will be. However, you can often make up to $5,000 (U.S. funds) or more per month–with room and board included. Again, your income level is negotiated between you and the cruise line who hires you, but keep in mind that the better your resume looks, the higher your pay could be.

“I’ve Never Worked in the Cruise Industry” – No problem! (unless you want to work as captain or some other position directly related to the operation of a cruise ship!). The vast majority of positions available on a cruise ship require no previous cruise experience. See below for a partial listing of positions that are available on most cruise lines.

Many Positions Are Available – Cruise lines generally hire in the following areas: food and food server staff; entertainment/music; deck and cabin steward/stewardesses; bartenders and cocktail servers; retail and gift shops; fitness and gym instructors; youth counselors; office personnel; tour guides; landside and reservationist positions; medical staff; casino dealers; and many more positions.

Please note that most cruise ships hire 300 to 900 crew members each, which means many job possibilities for YOU!

How You Can Get A Rewarding Cruise Ship Job: – The main challenge is securing a cruise job is that you need to have the right hiring tools and knowledge that will get your “foot in the door.” In order to be taken seriously by a cruise line’s hiring staff, it is essential that you know exactly: how to write your resume for the cruise industry; who to contact; what to say and what not to say; what letters need to be sent; and other details. Getting the cruise line job you want is easy when you know how (and very difficult when you don’t!) .

Cruise lines usually refrain from advertising their available positions; instead, employment service companies is one of the main ways they find personnel–we offer the best in this field. We will help guide you through the preparation, application, and hiring process so that you will be taken seriously by the cruise line hiring staff (and get your job fast). We are the ONLY company that has an exclusive online listing of up-to-the-minute cruise jobs that you can apply for online!

Top Cruise Lines Now Hiring

The Cruise Ship Job Application Process:

It is wise, when considering employment with a cruise line, to consider not only what the cruise line or ship can offer you, but what you can offer the varying cruise lines and ships so that you find the best match between you as prospective employee and the cruise line as an employer. This is how you are most likely to succeed in gaining employment with a cruise line.

Specifically, examine your proximity to a port that a cruise line’s ships embark from (or to one of the cruise line’s offices if you’re considering a land job); what language skills you offer, what jobs you could fill; either on land or on a ship owned by that cruise line; what job experience or talents you have which relate to the jobs offered by the cruise line; and all of your travel and/or tourism experience. Look at everything you can offer to different cruise lines, then apply to those that you can give the most.

This website will serve to help you decide what you can provide the different cruise lines as an employee and, also, what they can offer to you. See the job descriptions section for assistance in choosing the position you can fill most readily.

Training for cruise line positions, both on land and at sea, is given as part of the job. You will train on the job, usually with pay.

For on-board cruise ship jobs, cruise lines often hire a month to two weeks before a ship will leave port so that’s the best time to apply for these positions.

Although it may be easiest to gain employment with the larger cruise lines simply because they have larger crews, the smaller lines also need crew members who are ready, able, and willing to work at any given time. Cruise lines hire both seasonal and career type personnel for on board ship positions.

Study the Ship Directory to make sure that various ships have facilities and activities related to what you want to do on board ship before you apply.   Get a passport for an on-board ship job – most cruise lines require this of their applicants!   Passport applicants can be obtained from any Passport Office, Post Office or most Travel Agents.  Directions for passport pictures are given with the application and the completed application can be turned in at the Passport Office. Passport fees for adults 18 and over are $25.00 and you need not renew the passport for five years.

If you are seeking an on-land job with a cruise line company, you’ll working out of that company’s headquarters or other offices.   Land positions include Reservations, Outside Sales and Internal Communications Management.  Normally, these employees are hired locally rather than from different parts of the country (please note that sales personnel are hired for many areas). So, if you do not live in a city where these positions are offered, do not apply for these positions unless you are willing to pay for travel to your interview, and for relocation costs.

In reference to what a cruise line or ship can offer you, you may want to consider where the line travels, the size of it’s ship(s), and the duration of the cruises (particularly if you are looking for seasonal or short-term employment).

Most cruise lines use their ships for different routes during the four seasons. A line may travel to the West Indies in winter and to Alaska in the summer.

The benefits of working for a cruise line are similar from line to line including free and reduced rate cruises for on board ship and landside employees, medical insurance for all employees who have worked for the line six months to a year, fine dining and lodging accommodations, and land and water travel opportunities while on board ship—free!

It is easiest, as in most industries, to obtain an entry-level position when an applicant has no prior experience in the industry. Therefore, this manual provides instruction for gaining entry-level positions with cruise lines. Both on-board and “landlubber” positions are explained in detail in this section of the manual.

For all positions in the cruise industry, applicants must be at least 18 years of age or over and possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Apply online through! Get free access to cruise line job listings and online application direct to cruise lines–all in one central location, saving you many hours of searching for applications on the Internet.

Some Facts About Cruise Ship Jobs… Do you know how many cruise ship jobs are open right now? VERY many! A booming industry awaits you. In fact, the cruise industry, which has become a very popular leisure and recreation activity, has seen double-digit growth in recent years. Cruise ships are literally floating entertainment and recreation centers with virtually every kind of amusement and service amenity on board. They have arcades, night clubs, casinos, computer rooms, libraries, movie theaters and lecture halls. Sports related activities on cruise ships include skeet shooting, golf, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, shuffleboard, aerobics and weight lifting. Passengers on board are pampered with room service, whirlpools and massage.

Exquisite meals on cruises are prepared under the direction of fine chefs from all over the world. Cruise ship Stewards and stewardesses turn down sheets for passengers each evening in elegant staterooms. Large numbers of employees are needed by cruise ships to provide these services to passengers. Hard working, friendly, competent, experienced and adventuresome individuals are being sought in ever increasing numbers to fill a multitude of jobs, on ship and land, to keep these highly service oriented companies afloat. For those who are ready to accept the challenge of obtaining a cruise ship job, the opportunities and benefits are almost endless!

Growth is a Key Word:
As with the travel and tourism industry in general, the cruise line is—and will continue to be—in high growth stage. Last year, nearly 8.2 million North Americans enjoyed cruising, an increase of 555,000 cruise enthusiasts—or 7.3 percent—over the previous year according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)…in fact, from 1980 to 2003 the average annual growth rate of the Cruise industry has been 8.1% this year.

2002 saw the largest single jump in passengers since the industry began reporting numbers in 1980. It more than doubles the previous high water mark set in 1986, when some 472,000 additional cruisers set sail. The increase in passengers also outstripped the capacity growth during last year, with 11 percent new berths added to the North American cruise fleet. The industry capacity utilization was in excess of 90 percent. “This impressive growth can be attributed to several factors,” said Rick Sasso, chairman of CLIA. “Fourteen new vessels joined the North American fleet last year. They were safer, more spacious, more environmentally friendly, and more exciting than ever. The public caught the fever as these news ships were heavily promoted and great word-of-mouth circulated the vacation marketplace.” Also, did you know that a new ship is currently being built that will contain 6,200 passengers, have 3 hotel towers, streets with stores, seven pools, casinos, movie theaters, and more! This ship alone will need to be staffed by at least 2,000 employees of all backgrounds and experiences.

Hiring of North Americans:
Of the millions of passengers who enjoy cruises each year, the majority are North American. Therefore, most cruise lines hire many North Americans for both land and cruise ship staff to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort for their main business clientele – North Americans. Apparently, this strategy works since the industry as a whole reports a customer approval rate in excess of 90% and repeat business in excess of 80%.

Exciting Employment Opportunities:
The earth’s surface is covered more than 90% by water. With a good portion of the land area of the world exposed to water as shoreline, cruise lines will continue to meet the demand for their kind of leisure travel by offering cruises to new and exciting places. As an employee of a cruise line, you may join a group of excited passengers who step off the ship then to a glacier on the Alaska coastline, shop the tax free shops in the Bahamas, or join the shore excursions to exotic and interesting places most people can only dream about.

Cruise Ship Job Qualifications:
This cruise ship jobs website is designed to help you match your work experience and objectives with the hiring needs of the numerous worldwide cruise companies. Competition can be fierce for the jobs open at any given time. You increase your chances of being hired if you do much of the work necessary to hire you. Make sure you are qualified (or take steps to make yourself qualified) for the position you seek as outlined in the job descriptions section of this website.

Give the cruise line personnel officer all information required (and only this information) shown in the section on applying for cruise ship jobs. Prepare to give your interviewer and application a positive image of yourself by studying the interview section. You’re on your way to a new career at sea and we look forward to hearing of your travels!